Vandal-proof public phone specifically designed for correctional facilities. The telephone features the highest standards of security, reliability and ease of use. And, most importantly, it offers high quality inmate telephony at fair rates.


Intelligent IP telephone system for the prison cell that allows inmates to make phone calls in privacy. Undisturbed, but of course still completely secure, since the number of allowed call destina- tions is strictly regulated and all calls can be recorded and be monitored real-time by the correctional officers.


Vandal-proof emergency signalling system with additional Intercom functions according to DIN VDE 0834 for the prison cell room with malfunction sensors and tampering alarm and a triple LED signalling lamp destined for the external installation in the hallway.


Pioneering, terminal based model for inmate visitations via video conferencing. The new technology helps to extensively simplify and straighten out the daily organisation of inmate visitations that represent an extremely time-consuming and labour intensive sector of prison facilities' everyday work.


Advanced multimedia terminal solution specifically designed for prison cell rooms. Meeting the latest technology standards, the system offers secure inmate telephony and internet access as well as secure access to a broad range of media channels.


Unique mobile device isolation system that reliably detects, locates and disrupts any kind of mobile communication within milliseconds (the latter only with an official authorisation). Representing hence an effective weapon against the misuse of mobile devices in prisons.