PrisonMedia is an advanced multimedia terminal solution specifically designed for the use in prison cell rooms. Meeting the latest technology standards, the system offers secure prisoner telephony and internet access as well as secure access to a broad range of media channels.

PrisonMedia function scope:

  • video / telephony – at nationally / internationally fair rates
  • PC
  • internet
  • e-learning
  • 24/7 counselling service
  • radio
  • MP3 player
  • IPTV
  • DVD player
  • digital video recorder
  • input jack for game consoles

PrisonMedia Mobile
represents the cost-effective, but equally reliable and secure Tablet PC version of PrisonMedia. Numerous innovative security mechanisms prevent the WLAN-connected media system from being abused or being illegally handed over within prison.

Not losing touch with the world "outside" is a key element of prisoners' successful reintegration into society after serving sentence. PrisonMedia offers an innovative approach to this important prison task by combining a great variety of modern electronic media devices into one compact system.

PrisonMedia offers inmates the chance of getting or keeping contact with a broad range of media functions, that are accessible to them only within a strictly regulated scope of authorizations as well as, at any time, fully monitored and controlled by the prison staff. But nevertheless, this access to modern communication and media tools helps inmates to

  • keep up with current knowledge regarding the use of modern media i.e. to learn to use them
  • maintain close contact with their children, family and friends
  • participate in education and trainings (graduation, job training, further training)
  • as well as - in the transition period from prison to freedom - to prepare their life after serving sentence.

Prison facility and staff on the other hand benefit from a comfortable, centrally controllable compact multimedia solution that helps to reduce their workload in many areas: When entering prison, PrisonMedia is 100% "clean" and "secure", since it comes directly from our manufacturing. The thorough and labour-intensive inspections that all electronic devices normally supplied by inmates' families and friends must go through before they are approved for use, can be skipped.

The system has no hiding spaces and is protected against any form of manipulation by malfunction sensors and a tampering alarm. Due to an additionally integrated battery backup these keep on functioning reliably even in the event of a power loss.

PrisonMedia features at a glance:

  • one device solution in a modern plastic cabinet or in an optional vandal-proof steel housing
  • protected against any form of manipulation by malfunction sensors and tampering alarm
  • easy, intuitive handling
  • high automation
  • billing via virtual inmate credit account
  • centralised control and administration via PC
  • optional expandable by prison cell telephony (PrivacyPhone), video telephony (VideoVisit) and/or access to free of charge counselling hotline for inmates' psychological support in emotional crises


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