PrisonPhone is a vandal-proof public phone specifically designed for correctional facilities. The telephone features the highest standards of security, reliability and ease of use. And due to PrisonPhone fully meeting the strict requirements of its very special area of application, it has quickly become accepted standard in prison facilities of numerous Western European countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands.

But first of all, PrisonPhone provides reliable inmate telephony. In addition the telephony solution considerably reduces the corrections officers' workload for the overall system is providing added value in terms of administration and security in all areas.

How it works

After successful user identification via PIN, bar code, RFID tag or PIN plus live identification (via webcam, controllable by random from the corrections officers' office PC) inmates are allowed to place phone calls within their predefined scope of authorizations and provided that they have available credit on their virtual call account.

PrisonPhone offers extensive monitoring and recording capabilities, including the ability to archive phone calls for later review by corrections officers who can also spontaneously decide to listen in or record phone calls whenever considered as mandatory.

PrisonPhone offers several upgrade options:

Hotline for inmates' psychological support in emotional crises

PrisonPhone can be expanded with a free of charge telephone hotline that offers inmates professional support in emotional states of emergency. Although this offer is time-limited to the prison cell opening hours and only accessible to the inmates in the public prison areas, this is an important and effective measure that may even save prisoners' lives.

Video telephony

PrisonPhone can further be upgraded to video telephony. Therefore, the telephone's housing will be expanded so as to include a large-screen colour display. Together with the VideoVisit technology, inmates as well as their families and friends - provided that these are equipped accordingly - are being offered the chance of communicating face to face. This is in fact an important measure to enhance the relationship between inmates and their relatives - especially those families who are living farther away and can't come by for regular visits.

Technical components and modules

  • PrisonPhone telephone device with stainless steel housing
  • barcode scanner (optional for user identification via barcode)
  • RFID reader (optional for user identification via RFID Tag)
  • webcam (optional for user identification)
  • colour display for video telephony (VideoVisit technology)


PrisonPhone features at a glance

  • available as initial installation or replacement of any existing system
  • easy, intuitive handling
  • high automation
  • billing via virtual inmate account
  • centralised control and administration via PC
  • optional: extendable by video telephony module (VideoVisit technology)

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Additional equipment

PrisonCom Switch makes upgrading from old analog telephone devices to PrisonCom IP telephony fast and simple:

Thanks to PrisonCom Switch, the required power supply and IP data traffic for the PrisonPhone IP telephones can be easily handled via the two-wire analog line network that already exists in the facility. So upgrading to our leading technology does not even need new cables to be routed during installation.