PrivacyPhone is a smart telephony solution that allows inmates to make phone calls from inside their prison cell rooms and thus in privacy. Undisturbed, but of course still far from unlimited or uncontrolled, since all call data are logged and each call can easily become listened in, recorded and archived from the corrections officers' PCs.

PrivacyPhone is based on the technical infrastructure of PrisonPhone. The telephone system consists of a compact USB handheld device and a stainless steel panel embedded into the prison cell wall. To make the telephone system available for use, the handheld device has to become connected to the USB port provided by the stainless steel panel in the wall. Inmates can immediately make phone calls within the limits of their individual authorizations and credits. There is no prior authentication required.

A sabotage alarm protects the panel against any form of tampering or manipulation. A further protective mechanism ensures that the USB port can exclusively be used for PrivacyPhone and hence for no other electronic device of any kind. For hygiene and psychological reasons, inmates have to purchase the handset devices for a small nominal fee of 12€.

PrisonCall featuring PrivacyPhone

As an alternative to the PrivacyPhone panel, PrisonCall, too, can be expanded with PrivacyPhone provided that the facility should already be equipped with the system or might also be interested in the broad spectrum of services thereby being put at disposal (see next tab for further details).

Upgrading option: telephone counselling hotline

PrivacyPhone can be expanded with a free of charge telephone hotline that offers inmates professional support in emotional states of emergency. And in contrast to PrisonPhone, PrivacyPhone enables inmates to access this service 24 hours the day, seven days the week within the privacy of their prison cell room. An important and due to comprehensive privacy protection even more effective measure that may save prisoners' lives.

A current test series confirms impressively that the generally very high rate of suicide attempts that prison facilities encounter and which result in huge psychological stress for both inmates and staff can be significantly reduced by giving prisoners this option to share their states of anxiety and despair.

PrivacyPhone features at a glance

  • free choosable telephone times, thereby reduced potential for conflicts in telephone queues
  • available as first-time installation or replacement
  • easy, intuitive handling
  • high automation
  • billing via virtual inmate call account
  • centralised control and administration via PC (web based)
  • upgrading option: 24/7 accessible hotline offering psychological support to inmates in emotional crises

Connection possibilities

PrivacyPhone offers integrated or external power supply. No new cables have to be laid for installation, since the system can always be attached to the existing cabling:

  • via Ethernet with external power supply
  • via Ethernet with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • via PowerLAN
  • via cable TV cabling with external power supply

Technical components and modules

  • PrivacyPhone panel
    Stainless steel panel with USB port to be embedded into the prison cell wall
  • PrivacyPhone handset
    Offered for purchase to prisoners against a small nominal fee of 12€
  • option: PrisonCall upgrade to PrivacyPhone


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